2010 Genesis Suspension Installation and Review

2010 Genesis Suspension Installation and Review

A couple of days ago we found a video online highlighting the installation of a set of bc racing genesis coupe coilovers

This can be a recommendation for adjustment on all coil-over suspension configurations anytime the machine inside the vehicle as the opportunity to adjust ride height, because you should use pressure when tightening the adjustment collar round the lower mount.

Most vehicle suspension setups will most likely be modified and adjusted for preferred height by raising or adjusting the lower spring mount perch for that preferred position. Modifying the vehicle ride height inside the adjustable spring perch on any vehicle can as well as could cause injuries for your coilover suspension setup this can void warranty.

The Initial Step:

Raise the lower spring perch enough to snug the adjustable spring, whilst not compressing it. Make use of the obtaining collar to ensure you can tighten the spring perch in position

Next Step:

Thread the lower perch and tighten it to ensure the selected ride height is snug and cannot move after the fact.

Next Step:

Once the preferred ride height is set where you want it you need to make use of rebound setting on the coilover shock.

Insert the three damping adjustment knobs in to the top each shock absorber within the coilover system.

Cars that have this factory have the adjustment screw normally very visinble on the aftermarket assemblies it can be harder to spot. Turn the damping adjustment roughly 18 clicks or until it stops.

Once this is adjusted we can confidently say that this is the mid-range setting, which is the best beginning point for modifying your dampers.

This guide is the preliminary setup for any and all coilover applications, this is a great place to start your installation.

Many people will set the suspension configurations at Standard or Baseline configurations and than adjust from there forward. This really is necessary to achieve preferred performance.The adjustment knob may also be removed when the clearance is required for that adjustment screw.

Check out the video yourself below.

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