BMW M2 Official Release

BMW M2 Official Release

A couple months back BMW motorsports released pictures and specifications for a new model that is going to made available to the public in the near future. The all new BMW M2 is a M performance vehicle that comes to the well know performance lineup of BMW group. A successor to the already amazing M235i coupe that was a sensational entry level single turbo inline 6 cylinder motor.

The M2 boasts everything its predecessor did but with bigger wheels, wider fender flares, aggressive brakes and a extremely large boost in power. The suspension setups have been modified much like most “M” cars. The engine is the same as the N55 previous generation setups however it shares components similar to that of the M3 and M4 setups, forged internals and a whopping 370WHP. A BMW special M-DCT Transmission is mated to the High performance motor. Performance stats were released last week that really showcase how amazing this vehicle truly is. The all new BMW M2 performs 0-60mph in over 4.2 seconds. Weigh reduction and the use of composite materials are always in mind at the M facility, the M2 weights less than the predecessor 235i by using aluminum body panels and carbon / FRP bumpers a weight difference that differs around 100lbs.

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