Canadian parts distributor Announces Custom 3 Piece Wheels

Canadian parts distributor Announces Custom 3 Piece Wheels

Canadian operated and owned Revwerks Wheels has recently released a new promotional video throughout their network that highlights a brand new wheel lineup from the ever popular ESR Wheels company. ESR wheels was founded in 2015 and is a leader in affordable performance rims for all makes and models of cars. Recently they founded a second brand that is 100% built in america, the company manufacturers boutique custom rims that are made from forged aluminum and sport custom bolt patterns styles and offsets.

The Video below really showcases the depth of manufacturing and engineering that goes into producing a set of custom boutique wheels. The process of developing a set of custom esr sr07 wheels is one of the most intense manufacturing processes around, everything from starting with a forged raw piece of aluminum to milling the entire piece of aluminum down to a workable and moveable piece of functional wheel art.

Be sure to follow revwerks below and check out their youtube page.

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