Ford Brings the Heat with a Hellcat Killer

Ford Brings the Heat with a Hellcat Killer

The year 2015 was a very intriguing year for automotive heads across the world that are interested in the domestic market of vehicles. The release of the Hellcat was a massive success in terms of packing Forced induction Horsepower into a 4 door sedan. The Hellcat spits over 700hp in both the 2 door coupe and 4 door model, enough power to shred tires in any gear and pretty much dominate anything on the roads.

Now Fords answer to such a monster for the domestic market was none other than the ford mustang a legend on it own that has been in production for close to 50 years. Different models have come and gone throughout the years however special editions are rare and few in between. 2016 brought on a new Mustang GT that packs 728 Horsepower for under the 45,000 dollar mark, making this vehicle one of the most affordable platforms on the market in the performance category.

Check out the video below of the all new beast shredding tires in style.

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