Rental Cars Mandatory Recall Legislature

Rental Cars Mandatory Recall Legislature

Yesterday morning the US department of Transportation released a statement and put into place a new law that is going to mandate all rental car companies are required by law to make and amend any open recalls on their current fleets of vehicles that are available for rent. The article comes as news to us as we were unsure as to why a law like this would not have been put into action decades ago. Nonetheless the law is now active and any vehicle that is put to work on public roads regardless for private or commercial use needs to abide by the new rules put into action. All safety standards need to be addressed, this comes as a step to decrease the risk of causing accidents.

Any fleet vehicles that are part of a fleet larger than 35 vehicles are now subject to the laws put into action. Any vehicle used for rental purposes are to fall subject to the new laws that are being put into place. This law comes after a preventable death months earlier where two sisters were tragically killed in a rental car that was due for maintenance and various other recalls. The US transportation department made a statement referencing this incident “anytime an individual picks up a rental vehicle whether it is for a vacation or commercial use, they should have confidence that the vehicle is free of any and or known defects.”


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